Dusty Hooke Therapeutic Massage LLC provides a

variety of massage types as well as durations


Customized Therapeutic Massage: This massage is all about YOU! It can be sixty or ninety minutes long and is tailored to meet your needs. Make it a relaxing Swedish Massage, a muscle softening deep tissue massage , or a healing and immunity boosting Lymphatic Drainage Massage. Better yet, try a combination of these techniques to find what works best for your body.

30 minutes: 50.00 / 60 minutes: 95.00 / 90 minutes: 135.00


Manual Lymphatic Drainage: This light and relaxing massage effects your lymphatic system making it work more efficiently and effectively to boost your immunity, decrease inflammation, and decrease swelling. You will be amazed at how good you feel after getting one of these! When used as a part of a system called Complete Decongestive Therapy, it is also the only effective therapy for treating Lymphedema. As a Certified Lymphatic Therapist, Dusty uses MLD to help people who are suffering from Lymphedema continue to maintain their condition after they are finished with their intensive treatment. This is also an excellent treatment choice for those going through cancer treatment because of its gentle approach and healing effects.  Ask Dusty about adding Lymphatic Enhancement Therapy for even better results.

60 minutes: 95.00 / Initial Appointment/90 minutes: 135.00


Hot Stone Massage: This is the ultimate in relaxation! Smooth, volcanic stones are warmed in water and used in combination with the hands to give you heat as well as pressure. This combination is very effective in melting tight muscles. It is not recommended for pregnant women, those with lymphedema or in acute pain.

60 minutes: 105.00 / 90 minutes: 145.00


Lymphatic Enhancement Therapy:  This treatment uses a machine called the LymphStar Pro (see tab) to stimulate the lymphatic system.  This can be used with no up charge as part of an MLD treatment  or as a stand alone thirty minute face and neck treatment.

30 Minute LET Face and Neck Treatment:  60.00


Massage Cupping: This is an amazing treatment which uses

glass or plastic cups to create negative pressure or suction on the

skin. It is wonderful for breaking up tight, adhesed tissue, and for

moving toxins out of the body, which not only makes you feel

better, but makes the skin look amazing. It is also incredibly

relaxing and has a very calming effect on the nervous system. This

can be done with no up charge as part of your Customized Therapeutic

Massage, or as a stand alone Full Body Massage Cupping (MC) Treatment.

60 minutes  Full Body MC Treatment:  105.00

90 minutes  Full Body MC Treatment:  145.00


Oncology Massage Therapy

Lymphatic Enhancement Therapy

Manual Lymhpatic Drainage

Massage Cupping

Wellness and Recovery Support