Dusty Hooke, CMT, CLT, is now one of the few in Virginia who is trained in Lymphatic Enhancement Therapy using a machine called the LymphStar Pro.  The Lymphstar Pro works by stimulating the lymphatic system using an electrostatic energy field created by exciting the noble gases that are in the medical grade glass therapy heads. These are applied to the skin. The machines runs at low frequencies that do not heat the tissue and are very safe in their application. Another attribute of the low frequencies is that they encourage the central nervous system to stimulate the parasympathetic system.

This treatment is generally used in conjunction with Manual Lymphatic Drainage and does wonders to increase its healing effects. This service is a free addition to those who are receiving Manual Lymphatic Drainage.  However, it has an amazing effect on the skin and can be used as a stand alone, thirty minute, face and neck treatment.

30 minute LET face and neck treatment:  60.00

Discover the amazing benefits of

Lymphatic Enhancement Therapy 


  • An excellent adjunct to manual lymph drainage techniques to open lymph system and improve fluid flow and accelerate detoxification of tissues.

  • Reduction of pain due to lymphatic conditions.

  • Prevention of and relief from breast problems.

  • Pre- and post-athletic applications to increase performance and decrease muscle and tendon strain.

  • Provides relaxation, emotional balance, feelings of wellbeing, and increased energy.

  • For cosmetic enhancement by the reduction of fluid deposits in the face that leads to healthier skin