Lymphedema and Cancer Support


Restoring Vitality


How can a massage help someone going through cancer and it's treatment?:


While massage cannot cure cancer, it offers much needed relief from stress and pain, and can make a great contribution toward your healing process by:


-Reducing pain levels naturally

- Inducing deep relaxation and lowering stress and anxiety

-Decreasing nausea and easing constipation

-Decreasing fatigue and improving sleep

-Keeping tissue soft and pliable after surgery and during radiation

-Providing a touch that is nurturing, calming and soothing

-Providing a safe place to relax, while reconnecting the body, mind, and spirit


“The MLD massage gave me tremendous relief during the chemotherapy and radiation I endured, as well as maintaining tissue health and pliability ever since.”  J.A.


Continuing Treatment for Maintenance of your Lymphedema


Lymphedema is a chronic and progressive disease of the lymphatic system that needs to be maintained on a daily basis to keep down swelling in affected limb(s).  Manual Lymphatic Drainage is an important part of the intensive treatment for lymphedema, and is also a wonderful way to help with maintenance after the intensive treatment is finished.


Getting MLD on a regular basis from a Certified Lymphatic Therapist enhances the body's natural lymphatic flow and sends fluid from congested tissue to areas able to receive and remove it.  Removing this congested fluid lowers the chances of getting cellulitis in the effected limb(s).  It also helps keep the skin in the area from becoming fibrotic, as well as softening any fibrosis which has already occurred.