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Heal, Relax, and Restore


The focus of Dusty Hooke Therapeutic Massage, LLC  is to lower stress levels, reduce pain, and increase relaxation throughout your body using various types of massage modalities.  Dusty offers a variety of massage types and styles including specialties not commonly found, such as Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Massage Cupping, and a little known modality called Lymphatic Enhancement Therapy which uses a machine called the LymphStar Pro.


Because of this wide variety in training, Dusty is able to more easily customize the massage to your individual needs.  You can pick one particular massage or combine techniques for a fully customized massage. Tailoring each massage to the client is what we strive to do in every session.

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(804) 869-4214

5700 W. Grace St. Suite 101, Richmond, Va. 23226


 Unfortunately, because of scheduling constraints, I am no longer taking new clients.  I am happy to give referals.